Monday, October 10, 2005

Voice Mail

Quicktime 17mb 2:22


Villagegirl said...

That's was really cool, hey don't you think that girl on the phone gets upsat with you, cause you shared with the whole world?

Dooser said...

She says:

"i dont really care. im not ashamed"

"besides i left that voicemail for you so you can do whatever you want with it"
/\ very profound

And, I don't think it' sharing it with the whole world. I think it'd be a maximum of forty people. And that's being generous to your argument.

Thanks for the comment. I like hearing these different perspectives.

Jay Dedman said...

i love it.
this is how we all really are.
bored calls in the middle of the night.
i think she likes you.

Dooser said...

Lol. Jay.

Yes, this is how we really are. This is narcissism. This is what entertains me.

Keep the comments coming, this is a community.

Anonymous said...

Where's Dooser at?
The girls from Ireland at the Coliseum

Dooser said...

Wait..who's this? I can only think of one person who'd remember that and she says she didnt write it.

Nathan Peters said...

That was awesome. I get messages like that all the time from my friends too. Luckily they leave them on my answering machine so I don't have to waste airtime checking them.

Killer B said...

Is this a sister? It sounded like a sister. But Jay could also be right: she likes/liked you (I say liked since I'm watching this a good six months after the original post of it).