Monday, October 24, 2005


Quicktime 48mb 4:22

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Killer B said...

1. I cannot believe no one else commented on this! SO WELL DONE!

2. People get weirded out when I have my little camera in public. What did you use to shoot this? It looks GREAT!

3. I'm now more upset that I didn't film the last Chomsky talk or my chance meeting with him in the parking lot. At the beginning, I kept wanting to hear what Nader was saying, so you did a good job of keeping me hooked on this one.

4. Is your school pretty liberal and thus the extra set-up for Nader? Or is he just the biggest speaker you've landed in a while?

5. I feel like I could watch this three more times before I could remember all the comments I had watching this. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST ONES I'VE SEEN YOU DO SO FAR! Love it!!!