Thursday, October 06, 2005


Quicktime 28mb 1:25

Ok. We've gone 432x300. But, 28mb is too big for a minute. I need help with compression. I use 3ivx. I like to do dual pass. I guess I should do constant bitrate. I'm assuming that the best quality setting in the second pass overrides the limit bitrate in quicktime export. So I should do constant bitrate in the second pass settings. When we do this, I'm assuming I should use the bitrate limit is quicktime export. I tried 250 kbits but it sucked. But some of my other ones are 250 I think and they're okay. we'll try like 1000 or something later. I'm too lazy to now.


Most wonderful one said...

Nice video! I'm glad that your Mom captured her goal.

Dooser said...

most wonderful one, who are you?

mom said...

Enjoyed the ending.."yep, Karissa scored"