Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I had an extremely fun time in NYC this past weekend. Here's a collage of stuff taped during my time down there.

Again, I couldn't express enough thanks to everyone that made it possible.

People keep asking about the Xbox server. I'll attempt to document it, but it's difficult to describe. Look for this documentation next post.

NB: RSS enclosures now included in the feed. Check it out, tell me if it doesn't work. Go ANT people! I want a Mac now :(


dltq said...

very interesting vlog entry imo. keep at it, experiment, and build a database of your own vision of the reality that surrounds you.

Y said...

I liked the collage, but my personal preference would be to see more people. And that bug was freaky. What was that? Otherwise, it's different from the other posts on the con, and nice to see a different perspective.

Dooser said...

Most people did people. Plus, you will soon be able to watch VloggerCon. And..this was fun.

Thanks for the feedback.

Steve Garfield said...

That was cool.

I saw it through meefedia nd then came here to comment.