Monday, January 03, 2005

03 January 05

So I've developed interest in this blogging thing. Mainly through my cousin, Eric Botticelli, and through links he has given me.

|His website:|
|His Vlog as a guest on Jay's site.|

I've begun with a simple 'Phlog' post. [Phlog = Photo Blog]. This is me trying out a Selmer tenor sax (Selmer rocks). I'm an 'avid' photographer. Dark room and everything. However, there's no power in the darkroom. We must run an extension cord in from a hallway, and the hallway is used by other companies, so I don't have many opportunities to 'darkroom'. (I like making up random verbs].

On it's way is a capture card, so I will soon be able to post video blogs. Yes, I digital camcorder ><. I have a few ideas of things I'd like to incorporate. I need to look into RSS feeding, as I'd like to see myself at

Nota bene: I'm going to attempt to host this on my Xbox (woohoo! Microsoft!). Often-times I like to play Halo, so during those times the site will be down.

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