Friday, January 07, 2005

07 January 2005

This is a continuation of the Santa Project pictures. Top one is with Carol Young, 11th grade English 'teacher'. She once told me "Literature is not up for interpretation." That's Chris in the bottom one. And Mrs. Alam. Click the second pic to go straight to it, Mrs. Alam's face is hilarious.

I've figured out a way to have a comment system, however, it's not gonna be hosted here. So there'll be a link after you comment to return you to either the post or the main page. If you check this blog, comment. I'd like to know people are viewing it. I think I'll just put up a comment thread for this post. Then wait until I get up a video post, and hopefully all of those will have comment threads.

Have you figured out how to find you way around the site? Click "_January 2005_" to bring you to the archive, which hosts the older posts. "" is obviously my e-mail. "iamdooser" is a link to im me on AIM. The XML graphic is a link to the RSS feed for this site.


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