Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Garrison *cough* Keillor

Anya Kamenetz alerts me of a recent article by Garrison, in which he states:

I am of a generation that believes in disaster; the younger generation does not. A Harris Interactive poll of Generation Y's feelings about work shows 92 percent want a "flexible work schedule," 96 percent want a job that "requires creativity," and 97 percent want a job that "allows me to have an impact on the world." All I can say is, Wow. Good luck. And now you know why we need illegal immigrants to do the inflexible uncreative stuff that simply needs doing right now. We've raised a generation of young people who want to be writers. Whassup? That's whassup, dude.

Hmmmm. Aren't you a writer Garrison? I don't appreciate ageism.

But I wonder, is this just a ploy? Garrison is usually quite respectable. I've always respected him, even though I dislike the majority of his work. He is held in high regard. It just seems far too obvious for him not to catch on to the fact that he's writing about himself. A creative job involving writing that impacts the world? Come on!

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