Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Michael Ian Black

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Killer B said...

What?! That's great! What was he doing there? I love that you caught him!

pantsmachine said...

Wow, first of all - that just beats out the time when I met Michael Ian Black. All I have to commemorate the experience is a crappy camera-phone photo of me and him. The man is THE MAN. But for some reason I can't see him in your video. White frames. I can hear him though.... yeah. MIB!

dltq said...

Ihad no idea who Michael Ian Black is so I had to look him up.

Citizen journalism, eh? Who What Where When Why. Well, I am also very interested in the How. Not just who is doing something important. What is happening. Where is it taking place. When is it taking place, and, why is it happening. But how is it happening.

How did the process go from beginning to end? How did that guy make this amazing movie? How did that girl walk across the Sahara? I guess if the word "How" really was spelled "Woh" it would have been included. But, because how is spelled with an h, it is not part of the big W's.

Cheers for the How!