Sunday, April 02, 2006


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Killer B said...

Does she know you were taping her? Do you even know her? :)

dltq said...

whoever she was and whether you knew her or not, this was in itself very beautiful. you notice all kinds of things, and with the beauty tag on the content you narrow it down, look for the beauty in the shape of the nose, the movements, the voice, and yes, you see beauty there.

i saw a programme lately about sexual preference and how males and females reacted differently when looking at a picture of someone they love. how different areas of the brain came flooding into activity when the picture was seen.

the female test persons had thus areas connected with their memory activated - and part of the research had found that females in general are more prone to have sexual preferences connected with memory about that other person, whereas males were more concerned with physical beauty. females want to find a man they can trust, who will stick around and take care of the child. the man just wants to further his genes and have a beautiful child.

i am not sure what i think about it, but watching this vlog entry made me remember that programme - how do we view others? what do we take notice of? what does a symbol Mean to us?