Thursday, November 03, 2005

Eric Botticelli on
mp3 2.8mb 2:01

Eric on and videoblogging. has finally been updated.

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Eric Botticelli said...

Heh- I didn't know you were recording that :)

Let me explain a little of this:

"I think they're all ready, the computers.  They've got their cases off"

I was refering to my hardware situation regarding video editing.

"Oh, like the one I did for Jay's website?"

Refers to the type of video produced.  On, I don't make the videos, or if I do, its fairly formal -- and does *not* include me pointing the camera at myself freehand in my bedroom.

I made a more personal video which is located at Jay Dedman's

Videos of this nature would be the kind I would post at

I like the ending ;-)

"When you make a submission to the public sphere, it has to be self-sufficient for all eternity, unfortunately."