Saturday, November 12, 2005


Quicktime 3mb 1:23

Caption. A short.


Anonymous said...

Wow! But others don't create our feelings We are responsible for our own feelings. It's hard to understand but we CHOOSE our feelings

Dooser said...

That's an understandable perspective. Some may argue that our feelings are determined by the chemicals in our brain.

Your comment makes it seem as though you thought the film was claiming that others create our feelings. I'm intrigued by that. It's an interesting take, mainly because I don't see it at all.

This was more of a fictional short I just wrote. Take it as you may, it's my art. It was interesting because I had to act in it too.

Thanks for the comments! Keep them coming! And let me know who you are, so we can discuss these things.

Anthony said...

I like this... it made me think of things said and what we really mean when we say it. It made me think of times I have heard others words and knew that there was more behind them than what was being said. It also reminded that I have done the same.