Tuesday, May 03, 2005


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I've decided to switch over to Blogger to help me with ease of posting. It just takes forever the way I've been doing it. This way, things are automated, including the feed. (The feed will only include enclosed videos from this post on.) Plus here I'll be able easily to do text posts. Also, comments will be easier for visitors.

I'll probably be purchasing some server space to host my videos, until then...Archive. The old site will continue being available for a bit. Head to dooser.no-ip.org/index2.htm for it.

Now, all I have holding me back is the slow computer with no FireWire. I'll probably get a Powerbook early in the summer, along with the Panasonic DVX100a.

Thanks to Annie and Raymond for the comments. Brittney and I are fine. I'm very forgiving, sometimes too forgiving I think. But that's what life's about.

This is me running my fastest 400m Hurdles yet this year: 67.2; about 42seconds in the video. :P I just tied the PR of 67.2 today.

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Jay Dedman said...

you do the hurdles too?