Thursday, March 17, 2005


I have a hard time with goodbyes. I miss people. I don't like to not know someone anymore. What would it be like to converse with you now? Do you hate me? Do I hate you? I was in a state of nostalgia and missing those I've had to say goodbye to. My mind was everywhere at once. It was a dream state. I layed, with my dog: contemplated. I slept in my normal clothes. It's complete awareness of the unconscious. The world is fake, all a matter of illusional relationships. What if I had to say goodbye to _John_ and never see him again? Imagine that, feeling the same way about that later as I do now about things past. Where do I go? Where did I go? What's wrong, what's right? ..Hell, what's left? My mind aray. A ray, of unforgetable things that seem to have never happened. It can't be real, that couldn't have happened. It won't happen now, _John_ won't allow it. Thus, it never could have happened. Did I take the road less travelled? or am I completely off path. Histories. Visual proof of histories. Of feelings that...cease to exist? Yes, _John_ can't possibly want to be my friend now. He would have called. Telephone. A dial tone.


Jay Dedman said...

you have nmiore fun with videoblogging than all of us.
you are like a young wizard who doesnt have your robe just yet.

dltq said...

Great editing, moody, made me think about my own relationships with people. Thank you for this. Keep it coming! Raymond

Anonymous said...

a beauty.