Tuesday, March 08, 2005


This is about temptation. I strayed a little bit from the topic, ranting on school, but it was healthy.

Marc - haterade.net

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Marc said...


I hope I didn't completely misconstrue my intentions on videos over books. I think books have a great place and are essential to develop an intelectual stimulated brain.

But the possibilities of video are so vast, and I look forward to the development of new video ideas.

As for your woes in school. Take heart, not too many people really pay attention to the concept and knowledge of classes. Even in the professional world. People tend to look at school as a process to get a job, and not as a wealth of knowledge that will expand their horizons. I'm impressed by your insight to say the least.

I do believe you are the first person to mention me in a video blog.

You rock!