Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Lots to cover:

In response to Mica:
Art trade. "It's the stock exchange but the exchange of money is based on ideas alone, artist's ideas, pure ideas." What about when it comes to video? With art, you can always get a copy. Copies, of course, are less expensive. But owning the original, oh boy. Big bucks are paid sometimes. But with digital one can own the original. Unless everything is distributed compressed and watermarked beyong belief. This about it. This art we're creating. It's so amazing, yet there will not be a stock market for it. Of course, collaborative DVDs can be made. But what's in an 'original' with DV? Is it nothing? It's kind of an honor system, where you get Red vs. Blue for free, but then buy the DVD to show support like you would another kind of artist: musician (buy tickets, records), painter (buy original artwork). Granted: DVD comes with bonus features not available for free. It's not even about the money issue, it's the stock market idea. We are the traders, trading our own media by sharing it through syndication. The trade comes when I watch Marc's vlog and he watches mine. Is there an original for digital video?

The Near Future:
I'm leaving this Saturday for Turks and Caicos, a group of islands in the Carribean. It's warm there. We're going to Beaches Turks and Caicos resort for the second time. There's lots of eating, sunbathing, and SCUBA do be done. We fly back into NYC on April 2nd. The next day, Sunday, I have a something going on at NYU, a prospective school for me. Any NYCers wanna get together perhaps? Shoot me an e-mail! Otherwise, you'll have to do without Dooser until April 4.

Finally, this video:
We'll be missing Easter for the vacation. This year, I painted eggs and such with Brittney and the family.


Jay Dedman said...

let me know when youre in town....ryan will probably be here too.
nice eggs.

Anonymous said...

I love this post, it's funny and yea my family is weird. Good job baby, I love you very much