Sunday, January 09, 2005

09 January 05

So I was viewing some Vlogs the other day. I was watching Sean's post in response to Ryan(ne)'s name(s) and such. In another browser window, I had open Ryan(ne)'s post introducing her brother, Logan (whom I agree is awesome. Look at him go over those hurdles; so quickly, so flawlessly).

Well, ya know how sometimes viewing videos in your browser causes weird links to other places in the universe (probably Springfield)? Sometimes you can see your other open windows, or you desktop? Well. I was watching Sean, and all of a sudden Ryan(ne) popped up. I didn't know what was going on, and I was slightly frightened.

I've recreated my experience for your viewing pleasure.

Also, the capture card came in recently. So you'll see Dooser's first own video post shortly. Woohoo!


dltq said...

I liked it. Welcome to the vlogosphere :)

Quoting can be taken a lot further, tho. The discussion can be taken further, and we can bring in more and more voices to it, yet it is Us who are in control, the editor. No more fear of Mis-quoting, altho the "quote taken out of context" Will abound hehe.

Vlogging is a Great tool for inter-personal discussion and collaboration. I have myself been experimenting with this along with the great people at, and I think .. all we need now is more examples. More more examples of what we can do, what can be done.

So keep on vlogging, and stay strong!


Eric Botticelli said...

That's hilarious.


Can't wait to see more videoposts from you.

Eric Botticelli said...

>Also, the capture card came in recently.

Dooser got a WinTV Happauge PCI Capture card.

I'm getting the same thing, only the one I get will be able to capture two TV channels simlutaneously! Wow. I can't wait. I'll be recording Bill O'Reilly and CSPAN constantly!

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Jay Dedman said...

I couldnt oopn ethe QT?
it made me download the file..and then there was no sound.

Dooser said...

I just loaded it and had no sound. However, the sound was muted on this computer. That was my fault. :P

Anyone else having audio problems, besides Jay?