Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Quicktime 3ivX 17mb | h264 43mb 3:55

3ivX | h.264


Chris Daniel said...

Excellent! You have inspired me to step it up a notch :)

I liked your shots and the music fit well. Did you crop the shots in post?

Sometimes, libraries can be creepy late at night.

Killer B said...

My undergrad library wasn't that creepy, but I was pretty freaked out by it anyway and rarely used it. That was awesome! Great editing! I'm impressed :)

Matthew J said...

Where can one get a hold of "O Fortuna" for use in movies? All I can find online is MIDI downloads. Not cool. Nice video. I use to work in a library and always thought it was a good location for a shoot. Cheers.

Anthony said...


I was hoping to see some video up soon and tonight there it was; this was worth the wait. Great job to you and your friends. Great!!!

Carl Weaver said...

Great job, Dooser! I have a friend around the corner from your school. Schenectady rocks!

This reminds me of Duke University, whose older library was very much like a submarine - dark corridors, narrow walkways. All it needed was a sonar ping and someone yelling about torpedos and screws.