Friday, January 13, 2006


Quicktime 140.5mb 10:01

I just realized as I was posting this that today marks my one year anniversary to videoblogging. One year ago I made my first actual video, and posted it to the web. Since, I have met many new people and have had a plethora of great experience thanks to videoblogging. Thank you all.

This one's a long, big one. But give it a chance.

If you don't already, you should use an aggregator. It'll download videos automatically for you. So you don't have to click, and wait while it loads. Head on over to (both Windows and Mac) and plug in my feed (links down there on the side bar)!

Some new projects on their way. Keep an eye out.

A shoutout to Serra (of headsoff) for being awesome.


french/new/wave/nerd said...

aww, my family's only interesting Christmas tradition is going to the movies ...then we sneak into a couple more after our initial film-

dude, your brother looks just like you -it's freakin me out

Aaron the Truck Driver said...

4th place

lunky said...

Well done, and I like the tradition.
You were right when you said you were up to something interesting (of course why would I ever doubt Devin?).

Anonymous said...

Great presentation of "The Game"
I especially like your narration

Anonymous said...

nicely done

Anthony said...

That was special. Thanks for letting me in on your family tradition. I thought it was really neat. I have heard and seen some silly traditions the one you showed is one I wouldn't mind carrying on. You seem to be blessed with a neat family.
Thanks for sharing your this.
by the way my dog has booties like that too. that walk they do is too funny. I'll be looking for more of your vids and catchin up your older ones.
And thanks for the comments over on my vlog. I appreciate the encouragement.

dskippy said...

i love quirky, alternative, holiday traditions.. but even more than that i love families that trust and love eachother enough to do something like this! I agree, I wouldn't mind carrying on this tradition, although I don't envy the job of writing the post-its. hey - shout back to you, and maybe a wave.