Saturday, July 30, 2005

Less of Dooser

Quicktime 19mb 3:07


Nathan Peters said...

Wow, what happened to you hand?

Also, did you know your audio is about 1/2 as quiet as any other vlog I watch?

Killer B said...

I've been searching all night, back through your old videos, for this one. I still don't know what happened to your hand, but I applaud you for making videos in the months to come as you dealt with one less hand for a while. This is an important part of the life story of Dooser, and it's neat to have it documented this way. Losing part of a limb is one of the worst nightmares I can imagine, so I'm really impressed by how you seem to have gone on with your life even after this. I know you don't have a lot of choice most of the time, but it can be easy to shut down in the face of adversity sometimes, and I'm glad to see that it didn't stop you. :)