Monday, June 13, 2005

Better than me.

Quicktime 1.5mb 0:20

A lot has been going down lately. High school is near its end. Last day today, then a couple finals. I actually wish that I weren't so excited, because much of my excitement is due to the fact that I won't have to deal with some of these people disrespecting me anymore. Being so busy I've hard little time for videos; I also still have to do the capture card thing. I'll be getting a new computer soon, hopefully. At which point you see the amazing capabilities of the new camera.

I went to see some old friends Thursday. A family. One I hadn't seen in two years, one in a year, the other I really haven't had a good conversation with in two years (besides a telephone call and a 'running into' in the library during the past few weeks). It was very excellent. I ashamed of some of the things that happened in order to cause such a loss of touch. But now I hope to mend things as best as possible.

Thanks to Bert and Lori for being such excellent people and for having such an excellent daughter.

Now this video is something that I've been thinking for a long time, I just wasn't sure how to word it. This guy does it better than I ever could. Thanks RocketBoom.


Aaron Flores said...

Congrats on finishing school. Now you can forget about those punks. One day you'll look back and be successful, they'll be picking up your trash.


Killer B said...

Dooser, I had no idea you JUST started college this year. Congratulations! I think high school was lame for a lot of us who were ready to move on before they'd let us. Anyway, do you know how far ahead of the game this makes you? I see age as little more than a number, but this makes you just that much more impressive. I love those of us on the young end of the vlogosphere spectrum.